Get deaf or die tryin'

by Deaf Preachers

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released July 10, 2010

All songs are written & performed by Deaf Preachers
Recorded at UFO Studio by Alexandre Mazarguil
Mixed by Jean Sébastien Lauret
Mastered at BAOS Studio by Benjamin Savignoni




Deaf Preachers Paris, France

High energy since 2006.

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Track Name: You really got it
Oh baby come on, oh baby come on,
Do you know that sound, do you know that song ?

Hey ! You really got it,
Hey ! You really got it,
Hey ! You really got it,
Hey ! your really got it now…

Oh baby come on, now baby come on,
I wanna break my voice, I wanna shake my bones !

Take me to the sound,
Take me to the crowd,
Take me where the young,
Are singing alone….
Track Name: I wanna scream
Aaaahhhh....I wanna scream !

You don't care
Of what I've got
You don't care of what I'm showing

So come on Babe
Just one time
Let's go for a ride, now

Every day it's a new life
Every night that's a new lie
I wanna scream

Every day it's a new life
Every night that's a new lie
Aaaahhh !

Now you're down
to my kneeses
All the lies I told, you kept it

I play a role
I change my soul
But everything is fake and useless
Track Name: Deaf Preachers
We are the Deaf Preachers
Nobody likes us
We pray for the souls,
Sisters and Rock&roll

We are the Deaf Preachers
And Johnny gave us
One hand for the Lords
The second is on your guns

We are the Deaf Preachers
We have a religion
Based on a Motorcycle
And some of heavy metal

You can't stop the motion
The fuzz is my sermon
That sound is fucking heavy !
My voice is screaming to your eaaaaarrrrssss !!!!!